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Screenshots - Posted on: 9/21/2017   [OrbLands]

Latest screenshots from Orb Lands...

"Orb Lands" is an experimental first-person-shooter and exploration game.

Each environment is randomly generated based on a collection of various assets. Like, 40 different types of skyboxes, ground textures, trees and bushes, rocks and crystals... The number of possible random combinations is trillions!

Since its randomized, sometimes the results aren't great, but most combinations work nicely together, and it's like stepping into a different painting each time you play.

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Future plans for Orb Lands:
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Minor updates... 1/13/2018
I updated some of the terrain and fog variables...
Status Update... 1/12/2018
A quick status update...
Fixing bugs... 1/12/2018
Fixing bugs within the planetary menu...
HUD progress... 1/12/2018
Finished working on the new HUD...
HUD progress... 1/11/2018
I made great progress on the new HUD today...
New HUD... 1/10/2018
Now the UI is separate from the main camera, I realized I can easily add "fish eye" displacement for a neat bending effect.
New HUD... 1/10/2018
I created a new look for the HUD...
Achievements 1/9/2018
Spent the evening testing the new achievements and making minor improvements to the menu ui.
Achievements 1/8/2018
Achievements are done...
Achievements... 1/3/2018
Finished working on part of the achievements...
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