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Objectives - Posted on: 9/11/2017   [OrbLands]

Posting this for myself or anyone interested in the plans for Orb Lands...

Much progress has been made recently, but there's still more work to do. Here's a short list of plans for Orb Lands...

Current Objectives...
- Compelling story/characters.
- Boss/enemy characters/scenarios.
- Achievements and surprises.
- Optimization.

Future Objectives...
- Actual spherical planets.
- Terrain sets. Instead of completely random sets.
- More geographic and climate variety. More realistic trees and weather effects.

There are a few more gaming aspects I'm considering... like having an inventory for items collected and having creative uses for those items... I suspect some of that will be driven by the story elements...

As of now, these are the main objectives I need to complete to officially release the game.

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Updates 11/6/2017
Here's a screenshot of the new enemy type. It hovers in one spot for a moment then randomly changes its position. The zig-zag movement makes it a tricky and fun target.
Updates 11/5/2017
Working on ideas for an enemy type.
Updates 10/15/2017
I haven't been developing much. Amidst all the tragedies in the news, my focus is lacking. I recently updated a couple of the sky textures and added a few more, so there is 50 different skyboxes in the game now.
Screenshots 9/21/2017
Latest screenshots from Orb Lands...
Updates 9/19/2017
Worked on new tree models and a new monument.
Updates 9/18/2017
Minor updates and bug fixes.
Updates 9/17/2017
Created a new vehicle model...
Updates 9/16/2017
Actually finished updating the menu and working out the bugs.
Menu Updates 9/15/2017
I've spent 3 nights in a row updating the main menu and I'm happy to say it's almost done! I'm just testing and making sure there aren't any bugs.
Menu Updates 9/14/2017
The menu from the original game script needs to be moved into the global script, and holy cow it's a been a lot of work... I think I must hate myself for wanting to be a programmer.
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