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Patreon - Posted on: 12/29/2015   [Uncategorized]

FAQ and Information for my patrons on Patreon.

What do I get for being a supporter?

That depends on how much you pledge. Pledging only $3/month or more gives you access to all the games, music, artwork, and tutorials I make. Visit my Patreon page to see all rewards.

Why do you need my support?

I hope you like what I'm doing and will support me in return.

What are the technical requirements?

If you are using a computer and a video card made within the past 10 years, you should be able to play most games. (

The game launcher allows you to select your preferred resolution and quality settings. Some games will also have a web version or mobile version, when possible.

How often do you post games or updates?

All supporters have access to the patreon feed, where I post major updates at least once a month. Other content and news is published here through the devlog - usually several times a week. Supporters eligible for beta will have access to the current game usually by mid-way-point in development.

What are the games? Can I see examples?

The games I'm currently developing are listed in my patron feed and further down this page. I plan to work on all types of genres: casual, puzzle, strategy, shooter, simulation, etc. Currently, I've released 7 games, and have 2 games still in development.

Are the games safe for work and children?

Most will be safe and mild mannered. Any games containing references to adult content will be labeled "Mature".

If I cancel or stop supporting you, will I still have access to my games?

Yes, once the game is delivered, its yours. Although, top-level supporters will no longer have access to free game updates.

What's your history in Gaming?

I've been playing games, using computers, drawing, and programming for 20+ years. Thanks to Unity, Patreon, and the growing interest in indie games, I'm now able to pursue this goal.

How do I contact you?

Contact me for any reason! Just email me or leave a message on Patreon.


Quick Cube

First Game - QUICK CUBE (Released)

In "Quick Cube", your only objective is to race the yellow sphere to the finish. Levels and obstacles are generated randomly. As you advance through levels, speed and difficulty increases. Master the controls, and your timing, to complete all levels! Click here for more info.


Second Game - CLESS (Released)

"Cless" is a turn-based strategy board game. More interesting than Checkers or Tic-Tac-Toe, but less complicated than Chess. Click here for more info.

Critical Blast

Third Game - CRITICAL BLAST (Released)

"Critical Blast" is a puzzle/action game with unique first-person controls. The objective is to shoot falling blocks before they stack up. See how many points you can score in this simple yet fun and fast-paced video game! Click here for more info.

Shuffleboard 18

Fourth Game - SHUFFLEBOARD '18 (In development Demo released)

"Shuffleboard '18" is a shuffleboard game loosely based on classic rules, with realistic physics. It will feature different 3d environments: dark, retro, futuristic, etc. Contains some MATURE content and humor. Click here for more info.

Stones Throw

Fifth Game - STONES THROW (Released)

"Stones Throw" is a casual game in the spirit of golf, where you skip stones across water to hit targets. The game features beautiful 3d environments, semi-realistic physics, and relaxing music and sound effects. Click here for more info.

Orb Lands

Sixth Game - ORB LANDS (In development Demo released)

"Orb Lands" is an experimental first-person shooter game, where you are dropped onto a small island and must hunt and shoot the mysterious floating orbs. Featuring beautiful randomized environments and retro screen effects.Click here for more info.


Seventh Game - FRICTION (Discontinued)

Click here for more info.


Eighth Game - HYPERFAST (Released)

"HyperFast" is a fast-paced single-player racing game. A small time-trial game where you compete against yourself to unlock each level. Click here for more info.


Ninth Game - REACTANT (Released)

"Reactant" is a fast-paced single-player game where you dodge through obstacles to reach the end of each level. Click here for more info.


Tenth Game - ASTEROID: SURVIVAL (Released)

"Asteroid: Survival" is inspired by the classic asteroids game, with retro graphics and sound fx. Survive as long as you can in this nostalgic shooter game! Click here for more info.

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