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Euphorica updates... - Posted on: 12/12/2018   [Uncategorized]

Even more updates and improvements to Euphorica...

I updated the spawning so objects don't spawn on top of the player or goal (shown in the image above). I added buttons for Difficulty and Speed settings to the UI. Updates to levels and sprites. Updates to sound fx. And more...

I tried a few new ideas that didn't work out. So far, I've managed to control all the "dots" via the main script - so, there's no lists, and no scripts attached to the individual dots. That considerably improves performance, but also makes it difficult to accomplish more complex or creative tasks.

I'm still dialing in the difficulty settings and fine-tuning some things, but I should done very soon. I recorded a few game-play videos and really had fun playing, which feels great.

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