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New Experiment - Posted on: 5/15/2018   [Uncategorized]

I figured out how to make the objects bounce off colliders! This short animated gif shows how the two enemy types can be contained inside different shapes constructed by box colliders.

I accomplished this by casting a ray from the objects direction of motion, and then checking the normal direction of the collision, then compare and update the objects vector direction.

I forget to make the object ignore itself, so it didn't work until I realized that, which was extremely frustrating at first.

This component, with the "door" component and new enemies should make for some more interesting game experiments!

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New Experiment 5/16/2018
Updated enemy dots, so their movement can be blocked by walls and other objects. Also fixed an issue with raycasts self-colliding.
New Experiment 5/15/2018
Added another enemy, similar to the last, but this one doesn't die and there's only one per level.
New Experiment 5/14/2018
Added a new enemy that spins and bounces around the screen...
New Experiment 5/9/2018
Minor updates...
New Experiment 5/6/2018
Made a nice transition animation and fixed timing issues.
New Experiment 5/4/2018
Added trails to the objects and minor updates.
New Experiment 5/3/2018
Starting to turn this new experiment into a game...
New Experiment 5/2/2018
While working on the controls for my previous game, I had an idea for something else... not actually a game at this point, just a euphoric experiment. Here's a couple screenshot previews of the project.
Prototyping 11/24/2017
Several updates to the new Android prototype.
Prototyping 11/23/2017
I setup different lighting to mimic the previous shaders I was using.
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