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Sky Updates... - Posted on: 8/2/2018   [OrbLands]

One of the early versions of Orb Lands had a dynamic sky, but I decided not to use it for several reasons...

The cloud effect takes up a lot of extra storage space, memory, and processing - so initially, a static skybox seemed like the best option.

Also, I didn't know how to set all the appropriate random colors.... which includes adjusting things like: wavelength, fog, sunlight, clouds, etc. Each of those has multiple colors/options and use different formulas, so its not just as easy as setting a RGB value or whatever.

- animated clouds
- fog scattering
- day-to-night cycles

- uses lots of resources
- conflicts with other fog components
- skybox textures not customizable

It seems like everything in game development has compromises like this. If I can get the colorization to work, I might prefer it over the static skyboxes. I'll lose some customization, but the effect is really nice.

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