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Porting to Android (Day 4) - Posted on: 11/12/2017   [StonesThrow]

Another long night spent trying to optimize for mobile...

I'm still not happy with the inconsistent and slow frame-rate. I researched terrain settings, render settings, compression settings... I feel like there's something I'm missing, but I've tried nearly everything at this point.

It's taking a lot of time to test, because with each change, I have to publish it, copy it, uninstall/install it... And I've tested about a hundred different things. Certainly didn't expect it to be this difficult, and its a shame because aside from the slow frame-rate, everything else is working great - controls, interface, timers, physics, animations, etc.

I'm going to try a few drastic things, like completely removing the water, and/or terrain, and see how much performance is affected.

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