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Updates - Posted on: 9/10/2017   [OrbLands]

Still experimenting with the vehicle...

It's a fun mechanic, but the terrains are too mountainous sometimes, and there are too many obstacles, like large trees and rocks. If you happen to land on a flat empty terrain, its really fun, otherwise you're just crashing into stuff the whole time. Not really an issue if I choose to make it a quick on/off button though, so it could work out...

Still struggling with the camera bug. Hard to explain it, but basically the camera isn't appearing in the correct position, like there's some weird lag or hang-up, but seems to correct itself after moving the character.

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Updates 11/6/2017
Here's a screenshot of the new enemy type. It hovers in one spot for a moment then randomly changes its position. The zig-zag movement makes it a tricky and fun target.
Updates 11/5/2017
Working on ideas for an enemy type.
Updates 10/15/2017
I haven't been developing much. Amidst all the tragedies in the news, my focus is lacking. I recently updated a couple of the sky textures and added a few more, so there is 50 different skyboxes in the game now.
Screenshots 9/21/2017
Latest screenshots from Orb Lands...
Updates 9/19/2017
Worked on new tree models and a new monument.
Updates 9/18/2017
Minor updates and bug fixes.
Updates 9/17/2017
Created a new vehicle model...
Updates 9/16/2017
Actually finished updating the menu and working out the bugs.
Menu Updates 9/15/2017
I've spent 3 nights in a row updating the main menu and I'm happy to say it's almost done! I'm just testing and making sure there aren't any bugs.
Menu Updates 9/14/2017
The menu from the original game script needs to be moved into the global script, and holy cow it's a been a lot of work... I think I must hate myself for wanting to be a programmer.
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