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Learning Blender - Posted on: 8/30/2017   [OrbLands]

Wow. Blender has a painfully steep learning curve. I'm really not enjoying it, but it seems like a really powerful application - and it's free - so I'm trying to be patient.

I learned how to control the interface better, which was frustrating at first. In my opinion, simple actions like "closing a window", should be obvious - instead, I had to search for a solution to that... and I'm not the only one - it's a common question in the answers forum!

Today, I learned how to create materials, uv maps, and textures for 3d objects. I'm using the node system, which is also confusing... because, there is no indication as to which nodes work together, or in which order they work. I'm basically watching 20 min tutorials to accomplish tasks I wish were more obvious. But, enough complaining... I know I just need to get more familiar with the application.

Yesterday, I used the "sapling" plugin to create trees, and the results were good, but the type of trees I want to create will need to be modeled manually. So, I have much more work to do on those...

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