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Updates - Posted on: 8/5/2017   [OrbLands]

I finished working on the animation script from yesterday.

I figured out how to make the object climb the terrain without falling beneath it. I added a water splash effect when it jumps in or out of water. Also made it destructible.

Now the environments are starting to feel more alive.... with floating objects in the sky, water, and land, and with three different movement types/patterns.

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Updates 8/17/2017
Ideas for a selection screen are working really well!
New Ideas 8/16/2017
Playing with some transitions and possible select screen.
Updates 8/14/2017
Modified the orb scripts to run as coroutines. Works great, but didn't notice a big difference in performance.
Updates 8/13/2017
I got the coroutines for the bouncy objects to work!
Updates 8/12/2017
More aesthetic updates...
Updates 8/8/2017
Updated the crystal materials and combined them with a "gem" shader. Also, the bouncy objects I recently added are randomly colored now.
Animation 8/4/2017
Working on an animation script for a little jumping creature.
Updates 7/24/2017
Orbs now leave behind a little poop trail. XD
Updates 7/22/2017
Some aesthetic updates...
Updates 7/15/2017
Made lots of cosmetic improvements to Orb Lands...
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