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Updates - Posted on: 7/14/2017   [OrbLands]

Changes to image effects and more...

Anti-aliasing works now. I had to turn off HDR but I adjusted the Bloom, Sun Rays, and Fog effects to accommodate - overall, I think it looks better.

I also played around with the idea of having levels without water, making them more dry and foggy. It looks great but there are a couple drawbacks... I'm using the water to hide the edges of the terrain and no game objects are placed in those areas, so it looks too desolate. So, I'll have to find solutions for that, but with a little more work it could be a nice update.

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Fish 5/13/2018
I used the fish textures from the previous experiment and created one large particle system that spawns fish under the water across the whole terrain.
Thanks for all the fish... 5/13/2018
I saw a neat effect on Twitter, where someone used a particle system to create a school of fish. I tried to create a similar effect in Unity...
Testing 5/12/2018
Disappointed that I still haven't been able to come up with more creative ideas for Orb Lands, but I'm often impressed by how it generates some really beautiful scenery.
Updates 4/30/2018
Been a while since I've worked on Orb Lands...
Music Video 2/8/2018
I made a short music video featuring the latest game footage...
Updates... 1/30/2018
Updating the tree models using the software I talked about in my previous post.
Tree Models... 1/30/2018
Found a new tool for making trees...
Updates... 1/25/2018
I updated the splash screen graphic again...
Translations... 1/25/2018
Added translations for new text in the game...
Updates 1/24/2018
Graphic updates...
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