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Updates - Posted on: 6/8/2017   [OrbLands]

Added another language and updated the fonts.

The font I was using doesn't support multiple languages, so I had to replace it with a standard font. I added translations for Italian. All the basic words and phrases have been translated. Long-from text, like the introduction, instructions, and story elements will still need to be translated.

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Updates 8/17/2017
Ideas for a selection screen are working really well!
New Ideas 8/16/2017
Playing with some transitions and possible select screen.
Updates 8/14/2017
Modified the orb scripts to run as coroutines. Works great, but didn't notice a big difference in performance.
Updates 8/13/2017
I got the coroutines for the bouncy objects to work!
Updates 8/12/2017
More aesthetic updates...
Updates 8/8/2017
Updated the crystal materials and combined them with a "gem" shader. Also, the bouncy objects I recently added are randomly colored now.
Updates 8/5/2017
I finished working on the animation script from yesterday.
Animation 8/4/2017
Working on an animation script for a little jumping creature.
Updates 7/24/2017
Orbs now leave behind a little poop trail. XD
Updates 7/22/2017
Some aesthetic updates...
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