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Updates - Posted on: 6/3/2017   [OrbLands]

I worked on several minor updates...

- I improved the water... Added more reflection, refraction, and it has a really cool "sparkle" to it now.
- Updated more texture bump/normal-maps.
- Updated fog effects.
- Improved terrain generation speed.

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Updates 6/22/2017
More minor updates...
Updates 6/17/2017
I worked a little more on the fish movement and terrain settings.
Updates 6/16/2017
I worked more on the fish movement.
Updates 6/12/2017
Added "terrain size" to the settings. Also, I tried two different ways to add objects to the water that behave like fish. It's been difficult, but I'm determined to figure it out because it will add more life to the scenes.
Updates 6/8/2017
Added another language and updated the fonts.
Updates 6/7/2017
Added "tails" to the flocking objects using a trail renderer.
Updates 6/6/2017
Found a great resource for a "flocking" effect, for birds, insects, fish, etc.
Updates 6/5/2017
Added an animated graphic for the loading screen.
New Textures 5/30/2017
Most of the bump/normal-map textures I was using were auto-generated, so they weren't the best quality. The new textures are a big improvement. Light reacts to them more realistically and it really improves the terrain details!
Terrain Updates 5/29/2017
Worked more on the terrains...
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