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Updates - Posted on: 7/9/2016   [Friction]

I updated the graphics for the select screen and the heads-up-display.

There's been some bad storms and power outages where I live. Despite that, I was able to make a little progress. The color trim now matches the color that is assigned to the player when they join the match. So.. player stats, chat text, indicators and ui are all color coordinated. (Since there are no player names, I think the colors will help to better distinguish between the different players.)

While working on that, I realized I haven't been handling the server/client "start up" function correctly, so I'll be working on that next.

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Discontinued... 10/31/2016
The game "Friction: Battle Arena" has been discontinued for the time being.
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I became overwhelmed trying to find solutions for several bugs. So, I'm taking a break from this game for a moment.
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Tried to make some nice cover art for the game. Also reworking the startup functions.
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I added network objects to the "beach" and "snow" levels. So, there are 5 different maps now, but I will probably condense those or only include the best ones in the finished game.
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Updates 6/30/2016
I spent all night trying to fix a minor bug and failed. So, I took a break to make an icon, launch screen, and worked on adding network objects to one of the new maps.
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