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Updates - Posted on: 6/30/2016   [Friction]

I spent all night trying to fix a minor bug and failed. So, I took a break to make an icon, launch screen, and worked on adding network objects to one of the new maps.

For example, when the player collides with something, it does damage to the player. For whatever reason, I cannot use a variable for that value. Although, if I use a constant value it works. I've tried using client commands and server commands to force the damage variable... no luck.

I'm also having several bugs that are inconsistent...

- Health/armor bars on server-side aren't visible. If player rejoins, they usually reappear.
- Gui fails to display sometimes during respawn.
- When next match/level loads, sometimes the client doesn't automatically enter the match. Player must manually join.

Again, these problems are really inconsistent, I don't understand how they can work flawlessly one moment and then fail seemingly randomly. The code isn't producing any errors or warnings, so I can't express how frustrating that is to trouble-shoot.

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