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Retro adventure game framework... - Posted on: 2/21/2021   [Uncategorized]

Several years ago I started on a concept for a retro adventure game...

I didn't pursue it because the story I wrote was embarrassingly bad. I also wasn't confident that I could program it. Well, I still don't have a story but I've had an itch to see if I could program it now that I have more experience. It would be in the same style as old computer games like "Hugo's House of Horror" and "Leisure Suit Larry", which should be fairly simple I think.

I've figured out the basic stuff, like comparing input to answers and generating responses. Switching between scenes. Defining map areas. And it can have animated backgrounds or not, collision map for the background, and a foreground element.

I suspect the logic could get difficult when I start combining different scenes and scenarios, but so far its working great. I'm not planning a game yet, just thought this would be a fun distraction from more stressful things I've been working on.

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