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PATREON RESOURCES/LINKS - Posted on: 10/28/2023   [Uncategorized]


Tutorials / Resources
Unity Tutorial: Creating Terrains
Unity Tutorial: Colorful Low-poly Game
Unity Resource: Water Caustics Effect
Unity Resource: Water Caustics Effect (alternate improved)
Unity Resource: Clouds Plane
Unity Resource: Cloud Shadows Effect
Unity Resource - Cloud Shadows Effect (URP) *new*
Unity Resource: Faux Fog Shader
Unity Resource: Skybox Fog Shader *new*

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Tropical Scene 8/1/2023
I made a tropical scene in Unity, just for fun.
Skybox AI 6/26/2023
I heard about this AI skybox generator and did a few tests in Unity.
Bobsled Game 3/7/2022
I recently watched the olympic bobsled event and got inspired to make a bobsledding game...
3D Viewer 1/1/2022
I made a simple program in Unity for viewing my 3d objects.
New 3d scene... 8/10/2021
A new scene I made in Blender3D...
Blender... 8/3/2021
I made some trees...
3d scene... 7/27/2021
A landscape scene I made in Blender...
Blender grass... 7/16/2021
An updated image of the different types of grass I made in Blender.
Grass... 7/14/2021
Different styles of grass...
Blender assets... 7/13/2021
Some glass objects and materials...
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