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Doom maps completed. - Posted on: 12/14/2020   [Uncategorized]

The Doom maps I've been working on are now complete and you can download them from the link below.

The WAD file that I've creatively named "firstmaps" contains levels E1M1-E1M6. I used classic resources only, so anyone with the original game can play the levels! I also tested the WAD in ZDoom.

Load the map using the command line: doom -file firstmaps.wad

I was still learning the software when I built the first couple maps, so the levels get larger and more interesting as I got better with the software. If I were to do this again, I would put more thought into how the players progresses between each map. I'm done creating maps for now, but these were really fun to work on so I might do more in the future.

Download  firstmaps.wad

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