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Grass... - Posted on: 11/9/2019   [Uncategorized]

Yep, more grass work!...

I'm still editing Roystan's grass shader. I tried to implement a waving tint effect, similar to Unity's grass shader, but couldn't figure it out. I made a neat change to the way color is applied to the grass, so there is more variance to the blades.

I also added an animated skybox to the scene (via the AzureSky asset) - it took a while to get it to look nice. I was using a fog scattering fog, but had to disable it because it didn't work with the grass.

Performance is good, as long as I'm using the version with no shadows. I'm pretty happy with it now.

I'd like to try to make the blades bend when objects pass through it. And I need to create some solution for production, like a tool to paint the grass onto objects like terrains, or possibly base it off a heightmap, I'm not sure yet.

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