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Playing with old effects... - Posted on: 10/24/2019   [Uncategorized]

I looked at Unity's "Adam Exterior Environment Pack" in effort to understand how the creators made it look so good and I discovered a few main differences between the project and my projects...

First, it uses an Atmospheric Scattering effect similar to Unity's "The Blacksmith" asset. It's a really nice effect and definitely one that has been missing from my environments and preventing them from looking more realistic.

Next, the Adam project also has nice grass, which is rendered with a custom shader and also receives the scattering effect. It also uses nearly all the screen effects from Unity's Post-processing Stack, including ambient occlusion which makes the grass look even nicer.

Otherwise, I think I've already been doing the best I can with the tools provided by Unity. The Adam project is more of an example of what you can do when you build "on-top" of Unity using your own custom tools, and its effects aren't totally compatible with Unity's Water or Terrain tools.

I'm disappointed those kinds of tools aren't included "out-of-the-box" in Unity. While there are 3rd party solutions available, I've always had problems mixing assets from different developers or projects.

To end, Unity has been making many major changes and I suspect they will have better solutions for these types of things soon.

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