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Faux fog surface shader... - Posted on: 9/19/2019   [Uncategorized]

I had an idea to edit one of my simple surface shaders to include scrolling animation, and it turned into a faux fog shader...

Considering this is a flat 2d effect, no volumetric properties (that's why I'm calling it a "faux" effect),I'm amazed how nice it looks.

To achieve this effect, I'm blending between a terrain texture and a clouds texture, then animate and distort the cloud texture using a distortion texture, then also use the same distortion texture as noise for the height. It's actually fairly simple to do with a basic understanding of surface shaders.

I also used a custom "finalcolor" shader function to apply to the "fog" without shadow - that was probably the trickiest part.

The effect only looks good from a distance, so it would only be useful for specific cases. I'll release this as a new package soon, first for patrons, then later for the public.

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