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Fishing game updates... - Posted on: 3/17/2019   [DerpyFishing]

I've spent the last couple days struggling with shaders...

I wanted to change the shadow colors, which is not easy to do in Unity - you have to use a shader. So, I've been trying to update the latest shaders for the game to support colored shadows. I actually figured it out, but I'm having some minor problems...

I'm using a custom lighting model directly from the Unity manual and I've noticed the lighting isn't actually the same as the standard model... I wish there was some explanation for this. It's not a major issue, just very confusing, and frustrating because I want it to look the same!

In the attached image, the top screenshot uses the Standard Surface shader. The bottom screenshot uses the Standard Surface shader with the Custom Lighting function... So, I'm close, but the result is darker/light and more or less saturated. I'm also using viewDir to create the "sheen" that's visible in the original shader, but not the custom lighting model, and that has another undesired effect where it feels like the "sheen" is following the player.

I just need to decide if the colored shadows are worth the difference, then I can continue making more progress on the game.

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