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Fishing game updates... - Posted on: 3/4/2019   [Uncategorized]

I made tons of updates over the past couple days...

- Added a wall that appears when the player reaches the stage border.
- Modeled water plants, like cat tails, lily pads, and grass.
- Modified Unity so its grass shader would work with my models.
- More improvements to the fishing mechanics.
- Added variables for fish name, weight, length, and count. After catching a fish, its displayed on the screen with its stats.
- Added a spawning script, that allows me to spawn groups of fish in specific areas, within a specific range.
- Added a script that randomly populates the terrains with scenery, like trees and rocks.

I need to work more on the reeling/wrangling input - I'm undecided if I want to use the mouse Input or not.

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