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Motion Controls updates... - Posted on: 12/23/2018   [Uncategorized]

I updated the vehicle controls demo...

I also updated the main material shader too, which is a simple height-fog shader, so it supports Unity's built-in fog now! I also updated the UI elements and added a few more enemies that the player can hit. It feels more like a game now. The motion controls are really fun!

Now I just wish I had a good use for these new controls... I've already made a racing game, so... It also needs to be VERY basic to run on mobile/tablet devices. I'm already pushing the limits of my device with this plain demo....

I learned a lot when making my game Stones Throw for mobile, and unfortunately you basically can't use anything complicated, like a terrain system, advanced water, detailed textures, camera fx... All models, textures, fx, have to reduced and in some cases completely removed. Of course that depends on device specs too, but mobile capabilities are still so poor compared to desktop, I don't really know how to make a lush environment in mobile. Like, maybe a game with the a 2d polygon style, but still based in a 3d environment... I'll make really strong stylistic choices for the 3d objects and textures... and some creative programming techniques...

...just thinking out load here. I'll probably spend more time thinking about this over the holidays!

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