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Projector problems... - Posted on: 10/3/2018   [Uncategorized]

I've been doing a lot of work with the Projector component in Unity, and figured out how to do some really cool things. But, I've also discovered that its a very finicky feature...

I have tried everything to get the projector to affect the grass. Interestingly, I discovered a special shader tag called "IgnoreProjector", and got really excited, because surely that would be the solution!... But noooope.

Also interesting, if you disable writing to the depth buffer, the grass receives the projector - which is exactly what I want! But, that change causes the grass to render in the wrong order (shown in the attached image).

So, at this point I'm giving up. The cloud effect can still be used, but it drives me insane that it doesn't work on the grass.

Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will respond to my answers post, but not likely given the limited info I've seen about this issue online.

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