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Random environment... - Posted on: 9/16/2018   [Uncategorized]

I cleaned up the project, and setup a simple horizontal ui graphic for highlighting objectives or objects of interest.

In Unity, I've noticed when you remove assets, it doesn't remove all the "serialized" files associated with it, so you end up with projects that have massive file-size and file-counts, which become difficult to manage. I reduced a 6Gb project down to 1.5Gb, simply by creating a new project and re-importing everything.

I also had to reconfigure some project settings, like quality settings and player settings.

So, now I have a more compact project that's a great template for a complete 3d environment featuring:
    - animated sky
    - day-to-night cycles
    - dynamic fog and rain
    - under-water fx
    - first-person-controller
    - and various other components
I'm planning to turn the final environment into a walking sim for my patrons.

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