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Random environment... - Posted on: 9/4/2018   [Uncategorized]

I added "Ethan" to the new environment scene...

That's one of Unity's default character models. I'm using their crappy third-person controller too. Just wanted to see how it felt to have a character running around the stage, instead of only first-person view. I also tested different camera positions (shown in the photos above).

I realized I made the scale of everything way too large, but that is kind of an advantage because of how the shadows work in Unity... with larger scale, you can get longer distance shadows with better resolution.

Also, I created a script to make the rain FX slowly turn off and on over the course of several minutes.

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I rendered several different animations for the caustics, just to have a few alternative options.
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I figured out how to update the projector shader, so the caustic fx are only visible below the water line.
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I researched ways to make underwater lighting caustics.
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I cleaned up the project, and setup a simple horizontal ui graphic for highlighting objectives or objects of interest.
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Programming and game development can be really frustrating and challenging. I spent the whole night trying to fix an issue with a fog scattering script.
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I made an animated GIF to follow up my previous post...
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