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A short rant about technology... - Posted on: 8/17/2018   [Uncategorized]

While looking through the Unity manual, I noticed the Javascript examples had been removed...

That's because Unity is phasing out "UnityScript". This was announced last year but its news to me, and depressing news indeed...

While I understand Unity's reasoning, it's another example, among many, where developers have been taking away tools/options that users rely on... and forcing them to work a certain way. Like making a left-handed person use their right hand, after 20 years.

What's concerning is, they don't realize, the user isn't adapting to one thing - the user is adapting to changes from everything. It feels like there's an update to something everyday now.... I'm trying to adapt to changes to Facebook, while adjusting to Twitter, and Windows updates, and Adobe updates... "Where did that menu go? Why did that feature disappear? How do I use that thing now?

Fruityloops, which I've used for 15 years, recently removed the Step Sequencer, which was one of my favorite features and one of the core components of the program. Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Steam, and countless other developers are guilty of these kind of decisions and its really driving me crazy. Why reinvent the wheel? Why fix something that isn't broken?

There seems to be a severe lack of communication between the users, developers, and organizations that create the technology. I mean, look at all the "tone-deaf" decisions made recently by YouTube. I could rant for hours about copyright abuse, patent trolls, privacy invasion, censorship, net-neutrality, or any of the scandalous things that have essentially perverted technology.

I would like to see more communication, better standards, less frequent updates/changes, more transparency, and less "forcing the customer's hand". I have always loved technology, but its supposed to enhance our lives, not make them more complicated.

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