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Models - Posted on: 7/15/2018   [Uncategorized]

I created a few more trees and a couple more animated abstract objects.

I still don't know what the game is, so I've been brain-storming. Like, I want it to be a unique experience, not just another RPG or Platformer... maybe some combination where I take the best elements from different genres and combine them. Right now, I'm thinking of puzzles. So, possibly the game will be a small adventure game with puzzles.

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Screenshot 7/7/2019
It's a shame I never really found a use for Orb lands game, because the scenes it generates are really beautiful at times.... I just wanted to share these two pretty screenshots I took while playing.
Unity Post-processing Stack... 2/23/2019
Unity replaced its post-effects a while ago, but I haven't used them yet, until today...
Labyrinth game updates... 2/20/2019
I made minor updates to the user-interface, backgrounds, etc...
New backgrounds... 2/19/2019
I added a couple new backgrounds...
Added a sliding menu... 2/17/2019
I made a simple menu, but decided not to use it...
Updates... 2/14/2019
I added one more level to the new labyrinth game...
New level... 2/13/2019
I just added another level...
Graphics... 2/13/2019
I started working on graphics for the logo, splash screen, and icon.
Labyrinth game updates... 2/11/2019
I added two new levels...
Adding sound... 2/9/2019
I started adding sound to the game...
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