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Maze Generation - Posted on: 6/5/2018   [Uncategorized]

I'm feeling annoyed... I didn't expect maze generation to be such a difficult subject to comprehend...

Though some of the issues I'm having are directly related to Unity, for example associative arrays, which nearly all of the code examples I've seen use, but I couldn't get to work with Unity. I tried Hashtables and multi-dimensional arrays, but just got "object" errors or "slicing" errors.

So, instead, I'm using integers for all datatypes. For example: DirectionsArray = int[0,1,2,3], which refers to directions North, East, South, West. Whereas you would typically want to use an associative array, like: N => 0 etc.

While I'm still struggling with the input, I got the output working (shown in the screenshot above). I'm sure the problem has something to do with setting the opposite direction recursively... I'm still trying to understand how that method works. As you can see, I'm getting maze-like patterns, but definitely not working as intended. I really hope I'm smart enough to figure this out.

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