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Shooter Game - Posted on: 7/28/2017   [Uncategorized]

One of the early projects I worked on was a top-down shooter game...

I stopped working on it, mainly because I don't have the skills to animate the characters. But its still has some fun aspects, so I decided to update it and release as an extra game for my Patreon supporters.

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New Experiment 5/16/2018
Updated enemy dots, so their movement can be blocked by walls and other objects. Also fixed an issue with raycasts self-colliding.
New Experiment 5/15/2018
I figured out how to make the objects bounce off colliders! This short animated gif shows how the two enemy types can be contained inside different shapes constructed by box colliders.
New Experiment 5/15/2018
Added another enemy, similar to the last, but this one doesn't die and there's only one per level.
New Experiment 5/14/2018
Added a new enemy that spins and bounces around the screen...
New Experiment 5/9/2018
Minor updates...
New Experiment 5/6/2018
Made a nice transition animation and fixed timing issues.
New Experiment 5/4/2018
Added trails to the objects and minor updates.
New Experiment 5/3/2018
Starting to turn this new experiment into a game...
New Experiment 5/2/2018
While working on the controls for my previous game, I had an idea for something else... not actually a game at this point, just a euphoric experiment. Here's a couple screenshot previews of the project.
Prototyping 11/24/2017
Several updates to the new Android prototype.
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