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Updates - Posted on: 7/2/2017   [HyperFast]

Working on a new "training/beginner" stage for HyperFast.

I already have an "easy" map for beginners, but based on feedback I received, I think I still made it too difficult. So, I've been working on a sort of training stage, which is almost complete!

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Updates 8/12/2017
Made several updates to HyperFast...
Concepts 7/22/2017
I've been wanting to add more vehicles to HyperFast, so today I pulled out my drawing tablet and sketched some concepts.
Updates 7/3/2017
Finished working on the new level.
Updates 6/25/2017
Updated the grass textures and quality settings for better performance.
New Level 3/27/2017
Finished working on the new level for HyperFast.
Updates 3/21/2017
More work on the new level. Going to add some animated obstacles to this course... like raising/lowe
Updates 3/19/2017
Made more progress on another new level. Loving the look on this one.
Updates 3/18/2017
Added a new starter map which should be easier/more inviting to new players.
HyperFast Released! 3/10/2017
HyperFast is now available on Itch!
Updates 3/7/2017
Added a special little scene for the end of the game.
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