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Updates - Posted on: 11/11/2016   [Uncategorized]

I've been making my scripts more modular, so they can be shared between projects more easily. For example, I have an underwater script, a wet lens effect, and a mesh explosion script.

I've also made improvements to my terrain scripts, vehicle controls, and various things like that.

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Underwater fx... 9/19/2018
I rendered several different animations for the caustics, just to have a few alternative options.
Underwater fx... 9/18/2018
The water caustic effect is working! I got it to scale the whole map, and fade out! I still can't believe I figured this out!
Underwater fx... 9/17/2018
I figured out how to update the projector shader, so the caustic fx are only visible below the water line.
Underwater fx... 9/17/2018
I researched ways to make underwater lighting caustics.
Random environment... 9/16/2018
I cleaned up the project, and setup a simple horizontal ui graphic for highlighting objectives or objects of interest.
Random environment... 9/15/2018
Following up to my previous post, I attempt to fix the visual gap between the water and land by adding a large terrain to surround the whole level and water edges.
Fog updates... 9/15/2018
Programming and game development can be really frustrating and challenging. I spent the whole night trying to fix an issue with a fog scattering script.
Random environment... 9/14/2018
I did more work on the random environment.
Random environment... 9/13/2018
I created a script to adjust the water color as the time of day changes, so the color matches the sky color better.
Random environment... 9/5/2018
I made an animated GIF to follow up my previous post...
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