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New Shaders - Posted on: 8/3/2016   [Uncategorized]

Worked more on the scene I created yesterday.

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Shooter Game 7/28/2017
One of the early projects I worked on was a top-down shooter game...
New Tablet! 1/1/2017
I got a new tablet!
Updates 11/24/2016
I've been experimenting with different game mechanics and level designs.
Updates 11/11/2016
I've been making my scripts more modular, so they can be shared between projects more easily. For example, I have an underwater script, a wet lens effect, and a mesh explosion script.
New Volumetric Fog 10/12/2016
Got a new fog effect and tested it within several different environments/projects.
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I had an idea for a game that would feature many different environments, but it was too ambitious - I didn't have time to create everything by hand, so I wondered...
New Environment 8/26/2016
Made a few new grass textures and created a colorful fall environment.
New Asset 8/24/2016
I added a new effect to my collection of game assets. It's a screen filter called "Beautify" that en
New Environment Screenshots 8/12/2016
Screenshots from a new environment...
New Shaders 8/2/2016
I bought some new shaders and created this scene. It's a mix of custom models and free models.
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