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Controls for Android... - Posted on: 1/9/2019   [Darts]

I'm still working on the Android controls for the new Darts game...

I actually added a cool setting/option to allow the user to choose between the three input/control methods I made. Unfortunately, it got too confusing to manage so I scrapped that idea and decided on one control method for Android and one for Desktop.

I'm trouble-shooting several annoying problems still. Frustratingly, these problems don't exist within the Editor or the Desktop version, and I've reviewed the code several times, tried several fixes, so I don't know if its specific to my tablet or what the hell is going on...

The first initial tap on the tablet isn't returning the correct hit-point, the input isn't as responsive so sometimes the dart just "sticks"... those arbitrary/random problems are the hardest to resolve. I wish I had another tablet or mobile device to test with to get more info.

I'm feeling pretty angry right now and I want to say "screw it" and give up, but I've come so close to completion, it would be great to finish this project this week, without so much difficulty and frustration.

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