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Polishing the new dart game... - Posted on: 1/5/2019   [Darts]

Per usual, as I play a new game, I think of more improvements...

Today I updated the colliders, posters, cabinet artwork, textures, and added a few decals. Now, aside from the background music and a couple basic textures, everything in this project has been created by me!

I think I fixed most of the collider bugs. I removed the dartboard's metal wires because it was reflecting the dart and confusing for the player. I shortened the dart's collider so it looks like it actually penetrates the dartboard. I replaced the posters with my own artwork, created some stickers, and an out-of-order sign. Finally, I updated the computer player variables, adjusted for difficulty and other things.

I'd say the game is nearly complete and I'll probably be ready to set it aside soon and work on something else.

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