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Minor updates... - Posted on: 3/13/2018   [Reactant]

More updates...

- added Continue and Retry buttons.
- settings now saved on exit.
- a couple bug fixes.

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Updates 3/23/2018
Added a cool electricity animation inside the tunnel, updated the game icon, and made several other small improvements.
Updates 3/22/2018
I applied the curved shader's bend variable to the skybox rotation, so now the skybox has some motion. Also experimented with adding more particle effects.
Updates 3/22/2018
Added support for joypad/controller and made a demo version of the game. The demo version allows the player to try the game for a few minutes then forces them to exit.
More updates... 3/19/2018
A few more updates...
More updates... 3/14/2018
Updated graphics, music, etc...
New Mini Game 3/7/2018
More updates...
New Mini Game 3/6/2018
The menu is almost done...
New Mini Game 3/5/2018
Working on ideas for the icon, logo, and menu.
New Mini Game 3/5/2018
Got the post effects working...
New Mini Game 3/5/2018
Working more on the new mini game...
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