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Status and thoughts... - Posted on: 1/26/2021   [Golf]

I had planned on making this game my next official release, but it will probably be a game for me, friends and patrons only.

I think consumers would expect to much of this. For example, the game will not have characters, no multiplayer, no level editor... lots of things that people expect to see in modern games, and I don't want to disappoint anyone or sell something that isn't fully developed. I've also had to rework many things and I'm not happy with all of the results.

The game looks very nice at the highest quality settings, but the performance isn't great. Most of the resources are spent rendering the trees, then grass, then water, then shadows, then projectors, etc. The solution might be to give the user more control over those options. My computer is also several years out of date now, so it might just be me.

I've lost some passion lately, but I'm committed to finishing the game, and hope I get back motivation as I design more courses, that should be fun again!

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