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Golf... - Posted on: 7/26/2020   [Golf]

I modeled a few different types of fences.

They have proper LOD components which switch to a quad/billboard at a distance.

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2nd course... 2/28/2021
The creation of the first course was mostly improvised. I'm trying to plan the second course better, by starting with an overhead drawing, then I'll use that as a rough template for the course when I paint the textures and heights in Unity.
Editor script updates... 2/7/2021
I made a few improvements to the Editor script...
Updates... 2/7/2021
I worked more on the second course...
Starting on the second course... 2/6/2021
I'm using the first course as a template. So far, I've updated the terrain objects, textures, skybox and water.
Editor script... 2/4/2021
I think I'm done with the editor script...
Editor script... 2/4/2021
Yay!!! I got a custom Editor script working...
Updates... 2/3/2021
I finished adding the second render trail...
Updates... 2/2/2021
I added a second permanent trail renderer for the ball...
Minor updates... 1/30/2021
Minor updates...
UI updates... 1/30/2021
I finished adding images of the golf clubs to the UI...
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