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Golf... - Posted on: 7/23/2020   [Uncategorized]

I tried a different way for creating the courses...

Currently, I'm relying on the terrain system in Unity. Initially, I considered modeling the terrains, but thought it would be near impossible. It would be very difficult to makes changes during development, but not impossible. I just experimented with a process that could work, where I draw the heightmap in Photoshop, import that into Bryce3d to create the terrain. Then, I draw the different areas of the course using paths in Illustrator, import those into Blender, and cut them out of the terrain.

The two big benefits are, 1) the modeled terrains can have a custom/better hole, and 2) a neat effect where the ball gets covered up by the mesh when lies in the grass areas.

The main cons are, 1) no Unity terrain grass, and a much more complicated work-flow. I won't be able to easily paint textures and objects on the terrain, like Unity's terrain system allows.

I might do a few more tests and compare the differences.

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