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Golf... - Posted on: 5/25/2020   [Uncategorized]

I'm trying to get the first method for the ball trajectory to work better....

The second method works, but its just too slow for my taste (see my previous post for more context). I think I've almost got it working well enough.

I'm also reconsidering using one texture for the whole terrain - the only cons are, the resolution isn't very good when scaled over the whole terrain and an 8k texture is a little large/slow to work with, but using one texture would really simplify the development. And, I'm testing the idea of using the same collision map/texture for the heightmap, which would also simplify the process even more.

So, I'm one month into development, and I'm basically still trying to decide the best approach to take for several aspects of the game. Hoping to nail down these things so I can focus more on the level designs and game-play.

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