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Golf... - Posted on: 5/19/2020   [Uncategorized]


I've been trying to add different shot-types. It's been complicated, so to simplify it, I'm considering just using the position where the user hits the ball, which was originally intended only for controlling the spin of the ball, but instead it will also affect the angle.

I coded a static force and spin angle for testing, and you'd expect that to cause the ball to land in the exact same position every time, but that's not the case. It seems there's no way to continuously add force to an object with deterministic results. I didn't expect it to be 100% accurate, but I'm getting some pretty bad results at times. Not a game breaker, I don't think, just frustrating.

I'm really eager to finish the controls so I can start designing more courses - that will be the most fun for me!

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