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Air Hockey Game Completed - Posted on: 1/30/2020   [Uncategorized]

The new air-hockey game is complete and available for patrons...

I've made many improvements since I published the demo a few days ago...

- fixed the puck sticking to the paddle.
- improved computer player and difficulty settings.
- updated physics (colliders, forces, etc).
- improved performance on Android.
- added more lights and painted shadows. (uses deferred rendering now)
- added 3d models for arcade-style scenery.
- added "angle follow" camera setting.

The issue I had with the puck sticking was fixed by simply removing friction from the paddles in the physics material. I also switched to Deferred rendering so that I could use more lights and should have better performance. The android version still uses Forward rendering. I spent many hours testing on my android tablet to get the shaders and physics to perform well.

Support me on Patreon to download the game:

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