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Darts Game updates... - Posted on: 12/31/2018   [Darts]

More progress on the darts game...

I added a cool feature where the dart's score is displayed in 3d text for each dart. I also added horizontal movement via the mouse input, so I'm about 90% happy with the controls now. I also updated the cabinet artwork again and fixed a minor display issue with the second camera.

I added slow motion and improved the dart colliders, but unfortunately that seems to have caused the colliders to be less reliable, which is ironic because increasing the timestep should actually improve collisions - I'll have to do more testing and debugging to resolve that. I'm annoyed because everything was going so smoothly. I thought this might be the first Unity experience without any problems, but at least I made it this far!

My day job should be picking up soon after the new year, so I won't be able to work on this everyday like I have been over the Christmas break. I hope to complete a really polished build before the end of next month.

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