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Updates - Posted on: 7/25/2016   [Shuffleboard16]

The poster artwork in the game is now linked to external files. So, the user can customize the artwork just by replacing those or copying their own images into the game folder!

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Computer player... 2/11/2018
I figured out how to get the best angle for hitting another puck into a goal/scoring position...
Computer player... 2/10/2018
One of my major goals this year is to learn more about AI so I can add Computer players to my games...
Updates 1/2/2017
I ported the Shuffleboard game to Android and tested with my new tablet.
Updates 6/4/2016
I created a 3d arcade cabinet, which will be used as a background prop for Shuffleboard '16. The graphics are based off the artwork from my game "Critical Blast". The arcade screen is actually animated. It took a few hours to model and texture everything.
Updates 2/28/2016
Screenshots from the current build of Shuffleboard16!
New Game: Shuffleboard 16 12/28/2015
"Shuffleboard '16" is a shuffleboard game loosely based on classic rules, with realistic physics. It will feature different 3d environments: dark, retro, futuristic, etc. Contains some mature content and humor.
Shuffleboard - PC Game (preview) 12/17/2015
This is a sneak-peek screenshot of a shuffleboard game.
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