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Updates - Posted on: 7/25/2016   [Shuffleboard16]

The poster artwork in the game is now linked to external files. So, the user can customize the artwork just by replacing those or copying their own images into the game folder!

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Computer Player 6/19/2018
Added a puck animation for the computer player...
Updates... 6/18/2018
As I'm playing, I keep noticing things that need improvement...
Model updates... 6/17/2018
Made a few more improvements...
Model updates... 6/17/2018
I updated the shuffleboard exterior. Now it has smooth round corners, proper textures, and three various materials for each level!
Computer Player 6/16/2018
I made great progress today...
Computer Player 6/15/2018
The hard work begins...
Computer Player 6/14/2018
I cleaned up the player-turn code and updated the text components with a little color and player-turn indicator.
Computer Player 6/14/2018
Finished updating the player scores. It's working great, but still needs some cleanup and testing.
Computer Player 6/13/2018
I set up the player/turn system. The game will have 3 player modes: single-player, two-player (local), and player vs computer.
Computer Player 6/10/2018
I've been obsessing over the maze generation stuff and thought it would be healthy to work on something else...
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