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New Game: Shuffleboard 16 - Posted on: 12/28/2015   [Shuffleboard16]

"Shuffleboard '16" is a shuffleboard game loosely based on classic rules, with realistic physics. It will feature different 3d environments: dark, retro, futuristic, etc. Contains some mature content and humor.

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Computer player... 2/11/2018
I figured out how to get the best angle for hitting another puck into a goal/scoring position...
Computer player... 2/10/2018
One of my major goals this year is to learn more about AI so I can add Computer players to my games...
Updates 1/2/2017
I ported the Shuffleboard game to Android and tested with my new tablet.
Updates 7/25/2016
The poster artwork in the game is now linked to external files. So, the user can customize the artwo
Updates 6/4/2016
I created a 3d arcade cabinet, which will be used as a background prop for Shuffleboard '16. The graphics are based off the artwork from my game "Critical Blast". The arcade screen is actually animated. It took a few hours to model and texture everything.
Updates 2/28/2016
Screenshots from the current build of Shuffleboard16!
Shuffleboard - PC Game (preview) 12/17/2015
This is a sneak-peek screenshot of a shuffleboard game.
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