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Racing prototype updates... - Posted on: 2/25/2020   [RoughRacing]

I built two more levels and did even more tests...

One level relies on a plane, the other uses the terrain system. I got the artwork and specular effects to look nice on the terrain, which I didn't expect. So, I'm leaning towards using the terrain system in Unity.

I also contemplated about a level-building system that would rely on tiles and would automatically create the waypoints... that might be a little too complicated for now... there are many other decisions and progress to make just on the racing aspects, and I might have a good flow with the level building already...

I'm using Illustrator to draw the course, so I get real smooth and clean outlines for the artwork. Then apply shading and other details in Photoshop, and then export the image at 4096x4096 and apply the whole texture to the terrain. The texture has an alpha to define the specular areas. I also have a normal map that is mostly to add roughness to the asphalt.

I haven't added any screen effects yet, I imagine it will look really great with effects like ambient occlusion, color correction, vignette, etc.

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