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Updates... - Posted on: 7/14/2019   [DerpyFishing]

I added bubbles for the fish...

I originally decided not to have bubbles for two reasons: 1) I was worried about impacting performance due to having a particle system attached to each fish, and 2) I didn't know how to prevent the bubbles from going above the water.

I did some tests and performance wasn't too noticeable. I also fixed a bug with the fish script which was causing the positioning function to be called repeatedly, so the game runs better now.

To stop the bubbles from appearing above the water, I edited Unity's particle shader. I used the same method I used in my previous shaders, like the caustics and cloud shadows shaders, to simply stop rendering above the world y position.

At this time, I'm just testing the game and trying to add polish and final details.

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