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New game experiment... - Posted on: 2/7/2019   [Labyrinth]

I worked more on the box maze experiment...

I made amazing progress lastnight and today. The demo project looks and feels great.

I ran into one issue with the physics when I started adding holes to the mesh, I realized you can't have complex meshes that are non-kinematic. I couldn't find a specific solution, but I did find a clever work around... I created triggers at the position of every hole, then when the ball collides with the trigger, it simply allows the ball to fall through the board. It doesn't look super realistic, but I think its acceptable.

I finalized the controls and they feel really good now. I made lots of visual updates... my favorite, is the bump map I created that adds dents to the surface, to look like wear & tear from the marble.

The first board/level I made ended up being too easy. I did most testing on my desktop, then once I played the finish level on Android, I beat it in less than a minute. Lol.

So, the controls, physics, lighting, and graphics are all setup. I just need to create a few more boards/levels. Then of course, I'll make a real user-interface, splash-screen, and icon.

If everything goes well, I might have another new game completed before the end of the month!

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