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QuickCube: New Updates! - Posted on: 9/1/2016   [QuickCube]

I made several exciting updates to the "Quick Cube" game!

All-around improved graphics and fx, plus...

- added "curved world" effect
- added 3 new stages
- added menu with settings
- added auto-save feature

Demo to be released soon!

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QuickCube: Web Demo! 9/2/2016
I've published a playable demo!
Updates 3/11/2016
This video shows the recent updates to "Quick Cube". The stages/levels are randomly generated. I play through 15 levels on medium difficulty.
Updates 3/10/2016
MAZE RACE went through a major change. Now called QUICK CUBE, the game has been updated with a colorful techno style - visual fx, sound fx and music.
New Game: Quick Cube 3/9/2016
In "Quick Cube", your only objective is to race the yellow sphere to the finish. Levels and obstacles are generated randomly. As you advance through levels, speed and difficulty increases. Master the controls, and your timing, to complete all levels!
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